Emotional Wellness with Essential Oils

Now, more than ever, in these difficult times, we must nourish and support our emotions. I have found nothing safer or more effective than Young Living essential oils in maintaining a healthy emotional state.  

Scroll through the slides in the Sway presentation below to learn some easy ways to support your emotional health! 

You Get To Choose (And So Do I)...

You Get To Choose (And So Do I)...
These are very stressful times we are living in.  How have you handled the last six months?  Have you listened to the media to give you the “latest update”?  Have you holed up in fear at home, afraid to visit friends and family?  Have you masked up everywhere you go because the media says it’s the right thing to do?   Have you made jokes on social media about getting fat because you’re eating your way through the stress?  Do you find yourself sinking into depression? Have you buried yourself in your work (from home) and neglected your self care?  
I ask these questions, because this is the impression I get when I look at what’s going on around me.   I’ve seen people get seriously vicious with verbal attacks against anyone who doesn’t happen to have the same viewpoint as them.  And the interesting thing is – it’s the people who are the most fearful who are the most vicious.  It’s a natural response.  It’s a difficult thing to do, to have compassion for someone who is attacking you – but if you look beyond the surface and see that they are acting out of fear, it becomes easier.  (It doesn’t excuse their bad behavior, but at least you can not take it personally.)

Here's what I decided to do, because this is what I believe in, and it’s what is right for me.  You get to make your own choices in EVERY-THING-YOU-DO and live the life of your own creation.  You don’t have to follow like sheep.
  • First, I decided to get outside and walk every day.  Most days it’s 3 miles, weather permitting.  I have come to thoroughly enjoy and look forward to each day.  It clears my mind, settles my soul, and renews my spirit. (not to mention what it’s done for my fitness!)  Win-Win!!!
  • I diffuse Young Living essential oils every day, because they work, and I trust them because of their Seed to Seal promise of purity – www.seedtoseal.com (You CAN improve your mood!)
  • I eat good, wholesome food – mostly organic fruits and vegetables – because I want a healthy immune system.
  • I take immune-enhancing supplements.
  • I choose not to wear a mask everywhere I go, because I am not sick, and I am not afraid of getting sick.  (I know doctors who know how to treat this thing).  Please don’t worry about me – if you have a mask on, assuming they work, you are protected.  I’ll take care of myself.
  • I choose NOT to watch the news or follow (or even believe) what is being put out there by the media.  You get to choose what you believe; and when you are making your choice, listen to people that do NOT have an investment in what they are telling you.  All some people can talk about are vaccines as a solution, and they are HIGHLY invested in convincing you it is the answer. (They stand to make billions of $$$)
  • Above all, love your neighbor (and your neighbor is all of mankind).
I wish you health, happiness and much love! 

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I Do NOT Sell Essential Oils - Part II

I Do NOT Sell Essential Oils - Part II
In yesterday’s blog I explained to you that I don’t SELL essential oils. Today I am going to talk to you about what I actually DO, and how it has earned me a substantial monthly income that makes retirement very comfortable for me.
First of all, I USE Young Living essential oils, supplements, and personal care products because I trust the quality and purity of them, and I believe in removing as many toxic ingredients from my environment as is humanly possible.  This has had a substantial and noticeable effect on my quality of life, vitality and health.

Second, I unabashedly share my passion for the products with those who want to know about better options for their wellness.  If they want to try them out to see for themselves, I help them set up their own wholesale account so that they can buy whatever they want, whenever they want, and save 24%.

Third, I educate people about wellness so that they can find the solutions to their own individual challenges and make better choices for themselves.  Everyone is different.  I don’t just tell all people to use the same things – we explore what their individual needs are, and I try to help them find solutions for those needs. 
Why did I choose to do this?   Because I like helping people, number one.  And, number two, I discovered quality products that I can actually get behind and believe in, because they worked for me, and I’ve seen them work over and over again for others.  I could never feel good about promoting  something to make a buck.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that; but, I need to have some kind of purpose in what I do – beyond making money. 
Having said that, I have helped a lot of people who have found that the products work for them, too – so they continue to buy quality products from their own wholesale account, and Young Living pays me for introducing them and educating them.   Some of them have gone on to share with others and are also creating residual income.  Most of them are just using the product and loving it.  I have wholesale customers that have been with Young Living for 18+ years = still loving the products, just like me. 
Here's what the Direct Selling Association says about the cost of starting up a business like this, compared to the cost of other businesses …

I've been an entrepreneur my entire adult life, having had a few businesses, (whose start-up costs were in the many thousands of dollars) and I can say the start-up cost for this one was practically nothing (ranges from $35 - $170) - and the income it has earned me has far surpassed the others. 

So, what I DO is help people find solutions and better products for their own quality of life and wellness.  Some of those people I also help create that residual income that is so nice to have!  It is very gratifying to help people, and I am very comfortable in my retirement having done so!  

If you are looking for a way to live better AND make money helping others, I have a tried and true system to help you do it successfully.  I love helping others find solutions, whether it's for wellness or financial increase, or both... you get to choose.   To get started Click HERE to set up your wholesale account, and I will be notified and will get in touch with you about how to move forward in choosing the right products for you.  And if you want to embrace the business opportunity, just let me know when I reach out to you, and we can explore how I can help you with that, too. 

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I Do NOT Sell Essential Oils!

I Do NOT Sell Essential Oils!

Today I’m writing about something that apparently people do not know about me…… I Do NOT Sell Essential Oils!  Apparently, people misunderstand what I do for a living, and today I am setting the record the straight!  

I USE essential oils every – single – day, in many ways.  

I take Young Living Vitality oils internally for wellness every - single - day.  

I diffuse Young Living essential oils and blends in my home every – single – day to make my environment a relaxing, peaceful experience.   

I use Young Living essential oils topically every – single - day for their therapeutic benefits.  

I educate others about the benefits of doing these things, every – single – day!

What I do NOT do is Sell essential oils!  Are you surprised?  I thought so.

Here’s the deal:
  1.  Young Living is the ONLY essential oil company with a Seed to Seal promise of quality and safety – and along with that comes “effectiveness” (because of the quality).  They control the standards and quality from Seed to Seal!  Most other companies are just brokers of oils and do not have that same control.  (I say “Most” because there may be a few small (very small) companies in the world that have good quality oils, but they are not providing them to the masses).  Therefore, I ONLY use and recommend Young Living essential oils.  Period.   

  2. Young Living is a network marketing company – which means they offer a product to people who want to purchase it for their own use at wholesale prices, and IF they want to earn residual income by helping others do the same – there is a business opportunity available.

  3. In Young Living, according to the 2019 Income Disclosure Statement, 89.6% of the people who choose to buy product at wholesale do NOT embrace the business opportunity and never help others get their own accounts or teach them about the amazing products for wellness that they offer.  They just buy them and use them, and are happy with that.

  4. The other 10.4% of Wholesale Members of Young Living choose to follow the path that I did – share the products and the opportunity with others.  
I tried two other Network Marketing companies before finding Young Living was the perfect fit for me.   Why?  Because I didn’t have to stock and sell product and worry about customer service and delivery of that product.  If I help someone get their own wholesale account, they deal straight with Young Living when they buy product, and if they have a problem with delivery, or the product itself, YOUNG LIVING takes care of it.  (And, by the way, they have amazing customer service!)

Tomorrow I will share with you Part II of this blog and explain WHY I chose to embrace the business opportunity side of the equation, and what it has done for me.  You might be surprised, so stay tuned.  

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